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Atarodovibes.com.ng is tech review website that aggregates reactions from users across the internet who share their experience while using a particular tech product or services. We focus on the growing tech and internet industry in Nigeria and the need for startup and industries to receive honest feedback from their customers.

Feedback and reviews

Businesses can leverage on the feedback they receive from their customers in improving the quality of their product and services. We serve as a middleman between the customers and the products/services.

In Startgists.com, we target 3 major industries and they include

  • Domain and Hosting provider
  • Web application and software
  • Hard wares, mobile phones and Accessories

Domain and Hosting Provider

Each day more and more domain names are registered on the internet.
According to Businesswire, the second quarter of 2018 recorded more than 330 million registered domain worldwide across all Top Level Domain (TLD). At the same time millions of these domains are left to expire.

This is majorly as a result of the wrong choice of domain registrars, costly renewal prices and some internet restrictions preventing certain users from certain countries from making payment, let say Nigeria that was unable to make dollar transactions abroad in 2017 due to fluctuating currency changes and forex restrictions.

What if beforehand, based on the reviews of others you avoid these mistakes that can affect your domain and business website in the long run? What if you are very much aware of the costly renewal price used by certain registrars who try to subsidize their prices to 1 dollar for the first year only to lure you into paying more in the long run?

Same applies to web hosting companies, you need as much information to know the capacity and downtime of a hosting provider.

All these factors are to be put into consideration when purchasing a hosting and a domain name. And you can only know about them when people share their experience using the product and services

Web and App reviews

How would you know if your app if worth paying for, worth using except from the reviews and feedbacks of people? This will go a long way to improve the quality of user experience, increase usability and help make people spend more time on your product.

Sportis.tech has a web/app product section with a 5 star rating and optional feedback system between the user and the business

Hard wares, mobile phones and Accessories

We also review hardware, phones and accessories with their specification and model as major criteria for the review. Mobile phone usage has increased drastically over the years especially in Nigeria and Africa at large. We want more people to make the right choices when they enter any mobile store purchase a phone